We invite you to explore the many ways you can be involved in shaping the educational experience at Archway Cicero. The positions below are voted upon by our Board after the Annual Meeting in the 4th quarter – held in late April or early May. A call for nominations will be posted in the weekly newsletter at least 2 weeks prior.

All Board Members will be required to attend the monthly board meetings as well as 3 General Meetings and an Annual Meeting in May.

The President is the executive officer of the PSO and, in conjunction with the Board, works in partnership with the Headmaster to establish a community atmosphere that supports and protects the academic goals and culture of the school as established by Great Hearts. With this vision informing all of the President’s actions, he or she will guide the PSO, its Committees, and all family volunteers to strive to fulfill the mission to create a culture of service, grounded in charity, to ensure a truly vibrant and welcoming community of families dedicated to providing the highest quality academic and social environment for our children.

Vice President
The Vice President shall assist the President and shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence. The Vice President will assume the duties of any other Board Directors who may need to be absent for a monthly board meeting. The Vice President shall not serve more than two consecutive terms without the expressed approval of the headmaster.

The Secretary shall attend and keep the minutes of all board meetings and maintain necessary records and files of the PSO. Minutes will be typed and emailed to the PSO Board Directors in a timely fashion and the Secretary shall maintain a hard copy of all minutes. The minutes of the General monthly meetings will be posted on the PSO website by the Monday following each meeting. Secretary is also responsible for copying flyers for Dine Around, Community Events and Passive Revenue Generation..

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the PSO checkbook and verifiable records of funds of the PSO. It is highly recommended that the Treasurer has accounting experience. The Treasurer shall receive all funds and deposit them into the PSO bank account promptly, write checks from approved Purchase Orders for the President, and keep an accurate and current checkbook in full detail. Financial Reports will be submitted quarterly to Great Hearts.

Oversee the PSO Website, Google Workspace/Email account maintenance, School Directory, Mobile App and Carpool Database. Help with other technology related needs as required.

Passive Revenue Generation
Oversees, with the help of committee members, our passive revenue generating efforts such as Dine Around, Box Tops, Season of Gratitude and Community Reward Programs.

Community Events
Oversees, with the help of committee members, the planning of the community activities such as picnics, movie nights, mother/son event and father/daughter event.

Room Parent Liaison
Recruit volunteers to serve as room parents for all classroom teachers,  communicate to volunteers specific information about the role of a room parents, serve as a liaison between room parents, teachers, and PSO Board.  Coordinates and plans Teacher Appreciation Week.

Volunteer Coordinator
Assists with creating Sign-Ups as needed for lunch, reading groups and other needs and notifies the President and Newsletter when we are short on volunteers for the upcoming week.

Lunch Lead
Oversees entire Archway lunch volunteer team, coordinates volunteer schedule to ensure lunches are staffed, distributes meals to students, receives orders from vendors and checks for accuracy, updates reconciliation worksheet, notifies coordinator of any credits that need to be issued, provides lunch items for students who forget lunch, constant communication with rest of committee.

Facilitates the sale, assembly and distribution of the yearbook; collects photographs from the community as well as takes photos at events.

Dad’s Club
Facilities recruitment of Dad’s Club members; coordinate and staff community events and assist the PSO with special projects.